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Wellness Coaching & Nature in Meribel

What if your body was a boat carried out by the tides of life?
Our consciousness is the helmsman that has to keep its direction at any moment. During the trip, we take into account the weather conditions, the different winds, and we fasten the sails in harmony with the ocean.
What if we lived in our body the same way we guide a sail boat; with all the watchfulness, presence and coping skills?

The pursuit of well being and harmony represent one of our major objectives in life. We increasingly feel the need of taking a break, relaxing and recovering energies.

Health could be defined as the perfect harmony between our Yin energies and our Yang energies: a union between the masculine (shiva) and the feminine (shakti) in ourselves. This harmony needs constant adjustments since everything is in movement, in a nonstop transformation state. Health is not forever.

While I give a treatment with essential oils or a Shiatsu session, or even better in my yoga practice, I look for the fluidity of movement that results in a synchronized rhythm, from one moment to another, from one breath to the next, where the soul is calm and silent suspended in the deep awareness of the Present.

Zen Shiatsu & Reiki

Shiatsu and Reiki are two traditional hands-on/ hands off Japanese healing therapy that can help with various conditions and general aspects of poor health. It is excellent for all stress related problems.

A must to experience!

Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments in the heart of Meribel. Browse through my extensive list of discovery Treatments, World Treatments and Longer Treatments ranging from 40 to 75 minutes in the confort of your own home.

Life Coaching & Fluid Yoga

Pre and post natal Yoga with baby

Very unique this season: Life coaching Program to boost your confidence and anckor the experience with fluid prana flow yoga.  Join us on Retreats, Workshops or public weekly classes.