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About Magali

How did I come to Shiatsu, Yoga and  Wellness Coaching?

I have always been a seeker: What I am here for?
I first trained in the tourist industry, qualified in France and worked for 3 years in Africa for a French Tour operator.I enjoyed  the challenge of working with hundreds of new people every week in a different culture. However, by the end I felt I couldn’t get satisfaction from assisting holiday makers, and wanted to have a different approach.

So I stopped and decided to go to India. I spent 7 months there, getting more in touch with my spirituality and inner purpose. I chose the perfect land for that: India and its multiple belief systems, its spiritually rich inhabitants and its ancient wisdom of health and well being { yoga, ayurveda…}.

After travelling a lot, I decided to stop in this Tibetan settlement where I got a connection with Tulku Loday Zangpo, a spiritual teacher. I started to spend time giving first aid to the children monks being affected by their lack of hygiene and clean drinking water. So with a good dedicated friend we decided to start up a dispensary, Namdroling dispensary trust, strongly supported by our contact there, Tulku Loday and his team. I realized to what extent touch and care is important and deeply fulfilling. It’s now 15 years since we opened it and the health of the children has improved dramatically.

I always believed in Energy since I was a child. I noticed at a young age how some places are charged with vital KI, Prana or energy. I was walking in my home land in the French Alps and felt very exhausted after a four-hour climb uphill, but as soon as we arrived at the top, I got breathless in front of the extraordinary panorama of the Mont Blanc. Suddenly, my legs started to feel light, my heart felt calm and a smile illuminated my face and I felt totally uplifted. I was running on the three hour journey down. That was my first experience of energy.

So when I first started Shiatsu, I was so pleased to feel that I finally found my path and also had a fantastic tool to help myself and others to feel better. Since then, there hasn’t been a day when my motivation went down. I am today aware of my own energy and how to effectively channel it for healing. I specialized in other kind of body work such as Traditional Thai massage, Aroma Oil massage, Hot stone therapy and Reiki treatments. However, I always use my Shiatsu background as a base for everything.

To keep giving powerful and intuitive treatments in a busy environment, I have a secret - my personal yoga practice.

I completed a 200h kundalini teacher program in 2011 with the "School of Shanti Yoga School" and  I am now feeling so inspired by my Root teacher, the californian Yogini Shiva Rea that guided me with her samudra team in the process of becoming a 500h Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher! I am now certified  and I feel blessed to share those empowering and balancing practices here in Méribel.

I turned my dream to reality and explore every day the sacred alchemy between the chakra system, the ayurvedic seasonal shifts and the 5 Elements Therapy. I am experiencing a real sense of completion upon integrating Chinese, Japanese and Indian most ancient healing wisdoms in my personal life and energetic work.

My desire to help others find their own unique potential orientated me through a Mastercoach training at the International Institute of Coaching in Geneva. I recently certified this December 2016 and feel so inspired by this new approach that I will offer a unique program over the winter including Yoga and life coaching to boost your confidence.

I look forward to meet you in Méribel during Winter and Summer or in Limogne en Quercy during the Autumn and spring cycle and share more of that transformative attitude with you!