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Prana Vinyasa yoga in Méribel

Prana Vinyasa yoga is a fresh and integrative approach to yoga transmitted by Shiva Rea, she's a world-renowned Yogini inspiring modern yoga practitioners worldwide to a daily sacred embodiment: a living yoga. She offers all year-round some  beautiful online Sadhanas for practitioners to integrate the flow of yoga in their daily life and Home (  as well as many retreats in stunning natural locations across the globe.

Her Prana Vinyasa method is a dynamic, energetic and creative form of yoga through movement and breath. Prana flow vinyasa activates your own natural creative side through fluid sequences. Just like waves, we go from one Asana to the next guided by the breath. We are following an intelligent structure of sequences that prepare the body toward a chosen peak pose and calm down the mind for meditation.

I am now a 500H graduated Prana Vinyasa Yoga teacher and I feel honored to be part of Shiva's Teacher directory .


"Embodying the flow is a collective journey along the river of Prana that flows within us and all around us. Participating to a vinyasa class is a way to connect fully to your experience and be in the present moment away from cynicism, self-obsession and separation.

Yoga as a verb is to unify -to call all of"our parts" into wholeness, all of the different streams of our life like into a great river and then allow this ultimate flow of life to merge with the Ocean- our source and our return."

Shiva rea